About the Author

Amalie Flynn is an American writer.

Her writing has appeared in The New York Times At War (November 2010November 2011March 2011August 2012) and in TIME (September 2011). Her writing has received mention by CNN and The New York Times Media Decoder.  Her writing has been published in Diagram: An Anthology of Text, Art, and Schematic (Del Sol Press, 2003)Her art was featured in the Artists Invite Artist Friends show at the Phoenix Gallery (NYC, 2006).  She is also the author of three other blogs: the September Eleventh blog, the Wife and War blog, and her blog for The Huffington Post. Amalie Flynn’s first book, WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR, is available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle, on Barnes & Noble for the Nook, on Tower Books in Paperback, at Barrington Books , and at Brookline Booksmith.

You can find Amalie Flynn on TwitterFacebookGoodreads, and Pinterest.                     You can find WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR on Facebook.                                               And you can contact Amalie Flynn by email at amalieflynn@aol.com

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